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Welcome to myBlog


This blog contains every details about me or everything that I care about. Some texts in this blog inspired from my friends, my family, and anything that happened to me or happened to the world.

I want to dedicate this blog for everyone, that having an effect for my life. My lovely family, mom, dad, my bro and sis. Also to my friends on 78 high school, 134 junior high school, to all my friends at University of Indonesia, and you.

If this blog contains some mistakes, please give me deep forgiveness. If the mistakes persist, please tell me by email written on the profile page.

So, for everyone visiting this blog, thank's for any of your attention, and please don't forget to write your impression on the Ogix shoutbox on the right side of this blog. Thank you.

"Always stand where you should stand, and always walk on the way you believe -fath-"




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